Step 6: Were entirely ready to have God remove all these defects of character.

Hi everyone, it’s Vance Johnson here. This week we’re continuing our talks about the 12-step program, and this week we’re halfway there with step six, “Were entirely ready to have God remove these defects of character.” Let’s discuss how you can give your failings over to God and what that means for your recovery.

Step six of the twelve-step program continues to build on the foundation of the steps before it. We identified our mistakes in the fourth step and acknowledged those failures in the fifth step. Now, in the sixth step, we work with our Higher Power to change those behaviors, attitudes, and beliefs.

At first, step six can sound like a big commitment. As addicts, we develop these flaws and mistakes over a lifetime. Letting go of them is hard. But if you have faith in your Higher Power and know that you can’t control your addiction, then you know that you have nothing to lose but your vices.

In step five, we admitted our wrongdoings to God, ourselves, and another person. While doing this, you should have noticed common behaviors, attitudes, and beliefs in your situation. The most common things that people notice are fear, pride, dishonesty, etc. In short, you probably noticed many of the negative emotions that can destroy a life. Work with your Higher Power to cut these traits out of your life. Not just now, but forever. Keep in mind that AA is not a graduation program; it’s a lifestyle. If you fail and manifest one of the bad characteristics, it just means that you need to acknowledge it and try, try again. 

When I first left recovery, I knew I was coming home to face those I hurt, past due bills, embarrassing stories, and social pressures. But the loneliness was more difficult than I expected. I gave into bad traits, like lust. When I was lonely, I would talk to women who were interested in me. But I knew this behavior wasn’t helping my recovery and broke it off quickly. I had to starve my flesh to feed my soul. 

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Living in my parents’ house after recovery was a humbling experience. One day while still out of work and focusing on my growth, I received a call from my former recovery center offering me a job with little pay, a bus pass, and a bed to sleep. Coincidentally, I also received a call from the NFL Broncos Alumni, offering a position to go on tour for three times the money the recovery center offered. Though I considered both, I knew the recovery center could help me become the man I wanted to be. I chose the path that I knew would let God take my failings from me, and it has made every difference in my life and my sobriety.

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At the Vance Johnson Recovery Center, my team and I use evidence-based addiction recovery strategies to help our patients in Las Vegas, Nevada. We customize each patient’s experience to their goals, their personal history, and the unique aspects of their addiction.

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Vance Johnson is a former wide-receiver for the Denver Broncos, from 1985-1995. At the height of his career, Vance was in the throes of an addiction to alcohol and various recreational drugs. Vance finally began to take his recovery seriously and underwent inpatient addiction treatment. Today, Vance is drug-and-alcohol-free and encouraging others to get sober. As a Recovery Ambassador, Vance participates in speaking engagements across the country, where he recounts his struggles and offers hope that truly anyone can get sober.

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