Veronica Scala

Director of Marketing

What's My Why

Veronica Scala has been the Director of Marketing for VJRC Las Vegas for nearly three years. She handles marketing, PR, business development, outreach, and special events. Veronica graduated Pepperdine University with a degree in advertising and is a certified SMART Recovery Coach. She is from Chicago originally but has been living in Las Vegas since 8th grade. Her favorite part of marketing is to be out in the community meeting other recovery advocates and influencers and to be able to fill the gap between emergency services and treatment. 

After having close friends and family members either struggle with addiction/mental illness, and in some cases die from drug use, Veronica became passionate about addiction awareness and mental health. She was drawn to helping people with addiction/mental illness because she saw the stigma that still surrounds the topic and is fascinated by why some people are affected by addiction and some are not – even within the same family. 

This has been the most rewarding position for Veronica because she gets to do what she loves while getting a chance to make a difference in a town that desperately needs more resources. Every client Veronica gets to speak with has touched her heart in some way. Veronica feels like if she can save just one life, the trickle-down effect can touch so many. Although Las Vegas is a large city, in many ways it’s really a small town and those in our recovery community are determined and dedicated. 

When Veronica is not at the office she likes to volunteer with local non-profits such as Three Square, Rebuilding Nevada and Boys Town. She also serves as the Treasurer of the Southern Nevada Harm Reduction Alliance, sits on the executive board of CARE Coalition and works closely with the Southern Nevada Opioid Advisory Council. On the weekends you can find Veronica at the dog park with her 2 year old Maltese named Matzi or at a hockey game cheering on our Vegas Golden Knights! 

This opportunity is truly inspiring. 


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