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Heroes’ Mile at Vance Johnson Recovery Center, we care about our veterans, and we believe deeply in veteran addiction recovery. That’s why our veteran staff care for veteran clients and help them and their families by understanding the common ground of serving in the military:

Heroes’ Mile Las Vegas.

The Heroes’ Mile Story

In this brief testimonial, Lieutenant General William Lennox (R), former superintendent of West Point, describes the core concept behind Heroes’ Mile Las Vegas: veterans serving veterans.

This program is a program of Veterans treating fellow Veterans – because this is the kind of experience that makes a difference in recovery and throughout a veteran’s life.

In this specialized program designed for veterans by veterans, we administer world-class addiction recovery treatments that are tailored to the needs of military personnel. These evidence-based treatment options include:

Mindfulness and meditation
Re-establishing communication skills
Individual and group therapy
Cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT)
Spiritual Development
Eye movement desensitization and reprocessing (EMDR)
Nutrition education
12-step recovery groups
Motivational Interviewing (MI)

Heroes’ Mile Las Vegas Veteran Program at the Vance Johnson Recovery Center: Veteran Recovery Starts Here

This veteran-focused program guides military personnel from self-defeating behaviors to healthy, constructive habits.

We help veterans work through:

Post-Traumatic Stress

Substance Abuse

Chronic Pain

Other Invisible Wounds of War

In this way, our Las Vegas addiction treatment center is a safe, welcoming place where veterans receive trauma-informed care that meets their needs.

If you’re ready to get help from veterans who know what you’re going through, give us a call at 866-400-9705 or fill out our confidential contact form. If you’re a veteran who’s ready to quit drugs and alcohol for good, then we’re ready to help you take the next step!

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