The holidays are here again, the celebratory time that completes every year and concludes on New Year’s Eve with the promise of a new beginning. While this festive time of year is joyous for many, for others these months bring added stressors, seasonal sadness, and increased struggles with substance abuse and mental health.    

This year the added burden of the coronavirus contributes to tensions as we learn to navigate necessary social distancing and manage decisions on visiting friends and family. If the 2020 holiday season is feeling particularly tricky, it is important to remember to prioritize your physical and mental health, especially if drinking or drug use has become a concern. 

There are many reasons why enrolling in substance abuse treatment or drug detox now rather than later is a good decision. Consider the few listed below that support starting addiction treatment today, even if the rehab program overlaps with the holidays. 

Why Substance Abuse Treatment in December is a Great Idea

While treatment for drug or alcohol abuse may not be at the top of mind during the holiday season, December is actually an excellent time to start drug and alcohol treatment. Consider the following:

Social Gatherings Are Already Limited

Spikes in coronavirus infection rates have altered how we celebrate in 2020, with many people choosing to forgo the usual holiday gatherings. These unusual circumstances present a time where we can choose to focus on ourselves and explore desired self-improvement routines. If you’ve been putting off drug rehab until the world slows down after the holidays, consider this time of recommended distance a perfect opportunity to start your recovery while continuing to spend time with loved ones virtually.   

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You Will Not Fuel Your Addiction with Holiday Binges 

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The holidays bring temptation and triggers which often lead to binges this time of year. While face to face socializing in 2020 is limited, virtual gatherings may pose the same risk to those trying to cut down on drug or alcohol use. Rather than deepening the addictive qualities of substance use by delaying treatment, you could skip the roller coaster of intoxication in exchange for a supportive addiction recovery environment. 

You’ll Find a Community 

Developing connections during recovery is an integral part of healing, both during the drug and alcohol treatment process and in life after rehab. In an accredited inpatient or residential drug treatment program, you will not only address your addiction by learning coping skills and relapse prevention strategies, but you will also connect with others struggling through similar hardships. These connections could be invaluable additions to your support network as you move through the process of creating a sober lifestyle.  

You Can Use Your Insurance

If you have insurance and have been paying towards a deductible all year, now is a great time to use the remainder of your benefits before the start of a new year (and a new deductible). If you don’t have insurance, contact our admissions office to discuss drug rehab cost options. While drug and alcohol treatment can be expensive, relieving yourself of addiction will actually save money in the long run by sparing the expense of ongoing drug or alcohol purchases (and potential legal implications).

You’ll Start the New Year with a Clean Slate

A new year, a new you. After ridding substances from your system in a comfortable, supervised environment you will start the new year with drug or alcohol detox and the start of recovery behind you. Launching such a worthwhile goal now rather than postponing addiction treatment may clear your focus for other tasks and leave you feeling ahead of the game at the start of the year. 

Start 2021 Fresh by Enrolling in the Best Drug Rehab Center Now

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In these times of social distancing and paused celebrations, take the opportunity to work on you. Start drug rehab now at the best rehab center in Las Vegas, the Vance Johnson Recovery Center. We are an accredited facility with a holistic, trauma-informed approach that takes the whole person into consideration, not just the symptoms of addiction. 

We specialize in residential and inpatient addiction treatment, alcohol detox and rehab,  opioid addiction treatment, treatment for prescription drug abuse, cocaine rehab, meth rehab, and more.  

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Jump-start your path to recovery today by starting drug rehab now rather than waiting until next year.  

Las Vegas Addiction Recovery

Located in dynamic Las Vegas, Nevada, the Vance Johnson Recovery Center (VJRC) a 44-bed facility is run by a skilled multi-disciplinary team of medical and behavioral health professionals that includes nurses, counselors, and doctors, along with complementary and alternative medicine specialists to provide our clients with a transformational experience that encompasses mind, body, and spirit. Our approach is holistic and grounded in research and evidenced-based best practices that help people develop the awareness and skills required to achieve and sustain recovery.

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