Chantix and Alcohol: Everything You Need to Know

Chantix is known to help smokers throw away their cigarettes and close the door on nicotine addiction once and for all. But some of the side effects of Chantix might actually assist people with an alcohol use disorder as well, according to recent reports. So, should people be using Chantix to stop smoking and to stop drinking? 

In truth, not a lot is yet known about the effectiveness of using Chantix and alcohol together—and the risks might end up outweighing the benefits. Today we’re telling you everything you should know about Chantix and alcohol and answer all of your pressing questions on how you can recover from an alcohol use disorder today.

Chantix and Alcohol: Pros and Cons

chantix and alcohol

Chantix can be a great option for smokers who just haven’t been able to quit. This medication is specifically meant to help block nicotine receptors from releasing chemicals to the brain that make it want another cigarette. And there’s reason to think that Chantix and alcohol could work in a similar way.

Studies show that Chantix reduces the severity of cravings that people have to drink. For people who consume alcohol frequently, this means that taking Chantix decreases the intensity of wanting or needing an alcoholic beverage. As a result, some experts say that Chantix could potentially be used to help people recover from alcohol addiction. However, one of the common side effects of Chantix is that it lowers the user’s tolerance for alcohol.

On the one hand, this sounds like a benefit: at the same time that you stop smoking, you might be able to limit the amount of alcohol you consume as well. After all, when combined, Chantix and alcohol can have serious health consequences on the body. If you drink while taking Chantix, you can experience side effects such as:

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  • Aggressive behavior
  • More intoxication
  • Blacking out
  • Memory loss
  • Worsened mental health symptoms

One way to look at these side effects is that they are certainly deterrents to drinking. Not only might you have less cravings to drink, but when you do drink, you will be left feeling sick or even facing dangerous situations that might encourage you to quit drinking. But in reality, having an addiction to alcohol doesn’t just go away, regardless of the potential consequences you could face, like these side effects listed above. Addiction is an incredibly complex disease. It takes a lot of work to begin to heal from any addiction.

These side effects also show that combining Chantix and alcohol can be very dangerous, especially if the individual takes these substances unsupervised and without the support of an addiction recovery facility. For example, you could find yourself with uncontrollable behaviors that put you or others in danger. 

Moreover, part of the recovery process includes relapsing. Even if you have fewer cravings and you are able to stop drinking for a little while, there is a chance that you will experience a relapse and go back to the addictive substance. While this is a common step on the road to recovery, the combination of Chantix and alcohol can lead to real dangers.

Instead, Chantix seems to be most effective for alcohol addiction recovery when used in combination with professional treatment options. When people use Chantix and alcohol together without the right support, the side effects can put them in serious danger of lashing out at others and suffering from life-threatening health issues. Ultimately, taking Chantix and alcohol will not “cure” an alcohol addiction (just as it doesn’t guarantee that somebody will completely stop smoking). In some cases, it could actually make it much harder to fully recover from an alcohol use disorder because of the side effects you encounter.

Alcohol Use Disorder Recovery Options

Las Vegas alcohol recovery

Rather than relying entirely on the potential benefits of combining Chantix and alcohol, you can experience a safe recovery process at an alcohol rehab facility like the Vance Johnson Recovery Center in Las Vegas, Nevada. Here, we provide treatment options that are proven to be effective in addressing concerns with alcohol abuse.

Your recovery plan will be custom-made to fit your goals and specific needs. Most individuals start with our inpatient and residential programs. This program addresses the physical, emotional, and mental healing that contribute to life-long recovery. In residential treatment, you will have the chance to participate in treatment options such as:

  • Individualized therapy
  • Group counseling
  • Recovery maintenance skill-building
  • Co-occurring challenges counseling
  • Complementary and alternative medicine (CAM) therapies
  • Chronic pain recovery
  • AA and NA

Most importantly, our recovery specialists are always staying up-to-date on the latest treatment methods to make sure that you get the very best care from day one. This means that you do not have to wait on the possible results from combining Chantix and alcohol—you can start seeing results by joining a recovery program that is built to keep you safe, comfortable, and ready for all of the challenges that come with addiction.

Start Healing in Las Vegas, Nevada

If you are ready to begin your recovery journey with the Vance Johnson Recovery Center in Las Vegas, Nevada, give us a call at 888-828-2623. You also have the option to submit a confidential contact form online with all of your questions. We look forward to hearing from you and working with you each step of the process, from the very first conversation and all the way through your life-long sobriety journey.

Chantix is the brand name for the prescription drug also known as varenicline. Chantix is a medication that doctors prescribe to people who wish to stop smoking. This is supposed to help reduce nicotine cravings in order to help people quit smoking.

Heather Ware

Heather is a content writer from Ohio who has a sincere passion for psychology and addiction recovery. Her areas of interest include alcoholism, depression, and recovery options, to name a few.

According to the Chantix website, smoking nicotine releases a chemical in the brain called dopamine, which is in charge of making people feel happy, relaxed, etc. But shortly after this release of dopamine comes a significant drop, leaving smokers craving another cigarette. So, Chantix works to block the brain’s nicotine receptors and helps to keep the dopamine levels stabilized. This results in fewer nicotine cravings overall.

Heather Ware

Heather is a content writer from Ohio who has a sincere passion for psychology and addiction recovery. Her areas of interest include alcoholism, depression, and recovery options, to name a few.

Chantix actually impacts the way that your body tolerates alcohol. This means that if you drink while taking Chantix, you can experience serious side effects, including changes in behavior, memory loss, and higher levels of intoxication.

Heather Ware

Heather is a content writer from Ohio who has a sincere passion for psychology and addiction recovery. Her areas of interest include alcoholism, depression, and recovery options, to name a few.

Las Vegas Addiction Recovery

Located in dynamic Las Vegas, Nevada, the Vance Johnson Recovery Center (VJRC) a 44-bed facility is run by a skilled multi-disciplinary team of medical and behavioral health professionals that includes nurses, counselors, and doctors, along with complementary and alternative medicine specialists to provide our clients with a transformational experience that encompasses mind, body, and spirit. Our approach is holistic and grounded in research and evidenced-based best practices that help people develop the awareness and skills required to achieve and sustain recovery.

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