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Addiction Recovery Journey: From Day One to Lifelong Recovery

2020 is finally over, and a new year is a new chance to make constructive changes in your life. And it may be more important...
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Getting Sober: 10 Tips for Day One of Recovery

Whether the goal is a week, a month, a year, or a lifetime, getting sober from alcohol can feel intimidating at first. Drinking is intertwined...
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Vance Johnson Recovery Center Supports Breaking the Cycle Recovery Court

The Vance Johnson Recovery Center in a Las Vegas, Nevada is proud to announce its support for the Breaking the Cycle Drug Recovery Court Program....
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6 Reasons to Check Out Rehab Centers in Las Vegas Today

Researching rehab centers in Las Vegas can be hard. Conducting your first search on the internet can make you feel like you’re admitting you have...
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Sober Living: Achieving Long-Term Sobriety in 3 Steps

Alcohol and drug addiction recovery involves more than just becoming sober—it also takes a lot of work to know how to stay sober, especially after...
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2020 Addiction Statistics: Startling New Trends

In the United States, drug abuse and alcohol abuse prove to be long-lasting issues. In fact, the most recent addiction statistics show that substance use...
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Replacing Unhealthy Coping Mechanisms with Healthy Coping

When you are faced with stressful situations, do you find yourself turning to unhealthy coping mechanisms, such as binge eating junk food, drinking alcohol, or...
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Dangers of Stress Drinking: Rising Risk of Alcoholism

Have you ever felt the need to open a can of beer or pour a glass of wine after a stressful day? Even though this...
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Drug & Alcohol Treatment Over the Holidays

The holidays are here again, the celebratory time that completes every year and concludes on New Year’s Eve with the promise of a new beginning....
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Vance Johnson Recovery Center Is Now In-Network With Cigna

LAS VEGAS, NEVADA – December 2, 2020 The Vance Johnson Recovery Center, a state-licensed, Joint Commission-accredited addiction treatment center based in Las Vegas, Nevada, is...
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The Importance of Suicide Awareness in Las Vegas, Nevada

In Nevada, suicide is the eighth leading cause of death, with approximately one person committing suicide every 13 hours. Though Nevada has made great strides...
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Opioid Deaths on the Rise in Las Vegas, Nevada

Preliminary research from 2019 and 2020 show that opioid use may yet again be on the rise in Nevada. With more drug use comes the...
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