Vance Johnson Recovery Center is proud to be an in-network provider for Beacon Health Options (formerly Value Options, Inc.). To verify your substance abuse coverage right away, call us at 888-828-2623 or contact us online. Oftentimes we can get you admitted to addiction treatment on the same day you call!

Beacon Health Options for Drug Rehab

Beacon Health Options for Behavioral Care

Beacon Health Options is one of the largest behavioral health management systems in the United States. The company offers a broad range of behavioral health plans that include: 

Through these programs, Beacon Health Options provides access to evidence-based treatment for substance abuse disorders and mental health conditions. While the exact coverage will vary by plan, disorders commonly included under Beacon include:

In addition, the company provides behavioral resources such as assessments, educational materials, and tips for managing mental and physical wellness. 

Levels of Care Covered by Beacon Health Options

The type of addiction treatment needed will depend on numerous personal factors. These commonly include the types of substance(s) used, the duration of use, the potential of withdrawal symptoms, and personal health to name a few. 

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Typically, addiction treatment will begin with an evaluation before the level of care is decided upon. In any case, examples of addiction treatment options covered under insurance generally include: 

Usually, a series of treatments is necessary to comprehensively cover both the physical and mental aspects of addiction, which is often supported by Beacon Health Options. Rest assured at VJRC, we will help you sort out which rehab program is right for you. 

Out-of-Pocket Costs for Drug Rehab

Beacon Health Options for Rehab

Estimating the cost of rehab can feel tricky.  The exact out-of-pocket expenses you will owe for addiction treatment depends on the services provided as well as your specific plan coverage. Your insurance plan’s deductible, co-pay, and co-insurance will all affect the final costs of rehab. 

If you need help determining what your Beacon Health Options plan covers, contact an admissions specialist at VJRC for assistance, or contact Beacon directly.

In-Network vs Out-of-Network Providers

Beacon Health Options prides itself on its expertise in behavioral conditions. Their careful evaluation and recommendations of treatment centers like the Vance Johnson Recovery Center offer policyholders a pre-screened list of in-network providers that Beacon suggests. Of course, out-of-network providers are available but in general, choosing an out-of-network rehab facility comes with higher out-of-pocket costs.   

The Vance Johnson Recovery Center & Beacon Have You Covered

At VJRC, we understand that the cost of rehab can be a barrier to substance abuse treatment and it is our goal to provide you with options when it comes to paying for rehab. Working with health insurance that covers substance abuse is just one way we can assist in your start to recovery.

About the Vance Johnson Recovery Center

The Vance Johnson Recovery Center is an accredited drug and alcohol rehab facility in Las Vegas, Nevada. Our drug and alcohol rehabilitation facility provide a continuum of care that addresses physical and mental wellness in a holistic manner. This means that our team will support you in your recovery journey before, during, and after treatment at VJRC.

Let us take the confusion out of the insurance process. Call us today at 888-828-2623 to take your first step towards recovery. 

In short, yes, most insurances will cover treatment for substance abuse disorders and mental health conditions. The extent of the coverage will depend on your insurance carrier and the type of plan you have.

Yes. Beacon Health Options covers a wide range of addiction treatment including detox, inpatient or residential rehab, medications, and addiction therapy. To learn more about what your specific plan covers, contact us at 888-828-2623.

Yes. Beacon Health Options is a behavioral health management company that prides itself on providing access to evidence-based addiction treatment options. To learn more about what your specific plan covers, contact VJRC at 888-828-2623.

Las Vegas Addiction Recovery

Located in dynamic Las Vegas, Nevada, the Vance Johnson Recovery Center (VJRC) a 44-bed facility is run by a skilled multi-disciplinary team of medical and behavioral health professionals that includes nurses, counselors, and doctors, along with complementary and alternative medicine specialists to provide our clients with a transformational experience that encompasses mind, body, and spirit. Our approach is holistic and grounded in research and evidenced-based best practices that help people develop the awareness and skills required to achieve and sustain recovery.

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