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For those suffering from addiction, sobriety may feel worlds away. Unfortunately, a major barrier to addiction treatment is a fear of drug withdrawal symptoms during the detox process. At Vance Johnson Recovery Center it is our mission to minimize discomfort throughout the detox process and monitor progress every step of the way so that you can focus on recovering.  

Currently, we provide detoxification from opioid addiction, and in the near future, we’ll provide detox from alcohol and benzodiazepines. Because the body does not develop a physical dependence on substances such as cocaine and meth, addiction treatment for these substances does not require detox in a traditional sense, however, psychological addiction will be addressed in our drug rehab program

What Is Detox?

Drug and alcohol detox is the body’s process of removing substances from a person’s system. The drug detox experience will differ for each person and depends on the type of substances used, the severity and duration of use, and the method of detoxification. While many drug users attempt to quit cold turkey or detox at home, this is not recommended due to potential drug withdrawals and the sometimes overwhelming craving to start using the substance again. 

Depending on the substance that was abused, the risk of experiencing unsupervised withdrawal symptoms spans beyond discomfort to life-threatening reactions. Generally, drugs with dangerous withdrawal symptoms include:

  • Alcohol
  • Opioids
  • Benzodiazepines

While specific withdrawal symptoms vary, they commonly include:

Regardless of the substance used, the staff at our Las Vegas recovery center will begin with an evaluation of your individual case in order to select the best treatment method for you. 

Types of Detox

Different ways of detoxing include variations in duration (i.e. cold turkey vs taper), detoxification at home versus in a clinical setting, and a medical versus a social detox method (both within a clinical setting). 

Quitting cold turkey occurs when a person has abruptly stopped using a substance. This can be dangerous because over time substance abuse can change the brain’s chemistry. Therefore, suddenly depriving the body of chemical dependence can cause withdrawal symptoms that are uncomfortable, unsafe, and that will increase the likelihood of using again.

On the other hand, tapering (or weaning) is a gradual reduction of substance use until the body is no longer reliant on the drug. Either of these methods can be attempted at home, but for the comfort and safety of the person experiencing detoxification, supervision at a detox center is highly recommended. 

What Is Detox Like at the Vance Johnson Recovery Center?

Our supervised detoxification treatment program usually lasts between five and seven days. During this time, our highly trained staff members focus on minimizing the symptoms and discomfort of acute withdrawal. But what truly sets our care apart is our commitment to overall patient wellbeing, both during the detox process and after treatment.

As part of our detox program, we evaluate the needs of each patient. This means identifying any co-occurring mental health issues, significant problems with physical health, and other factors that may need to be addressed in the patient’s post-detox treatment plan.

At VJRC, the detoxification process often leads patients into one of our inpatient residential programs. While we are happy to solely give patients a safe place to detox, we often find that patients fare better when they pair detox with an appropriate substance abuse treatment program. In this way, we are also able to address any mental health conditions that are potentially encouraging a substance use disorder.

And by carefully assessing each patient’s personal history and unique hurdles to recovery, we can give a more effective addiction treatment throughout our patients’ stays.

You Can Quit with Vance Johnson Recovery Center in Las Vegas, Nevada

At the Vance Johnson Recovery Center detox program our clinical and administrative team, including ambassador Vance Johnson, are ready to help you launch your path to recovery

If you’re ready to get help, you can call our admissions specialists at 1-888-82-VANCE. Or, if you are not ready to take that step, you can always fill out our contact form. However, the sooner you detox, the sooner you can start on your path to recovery. And at the Vance Johnson Recovery Center, we are ready and waiting for you.

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