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Vance Johnson Recovery Center

Vance Johnson Recovery Center – Las Vegas, Nevada

Located in dynamic Las Vegas, Nevada, the Vance Johnson Recovery Center (VJRC) a 44-bed facility is run by a skilled, multi-disciplinary team of medical and behavioral health professionals that includes nurses, counselors, and doctors, along with complementary and alternative medicine specialists to provide our clients with a transformational experience that encompasses mind, body, and spirit. Our approach is holistic and grounded in research and evidence-based best practices that help people develop the awareness and skills required to achieve and sustain recovery.

Vance Johnson Recovery Center Las Vegas, Nevada
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About Vance Johnson

Five years ago, former Denver Broncos wide receiver Vance Johnson was grappling with addiction. “In early 2014, I was drunk and driving down the road, crying and screaming to God to help me. I had no money, no kids, no relationships, nothing to leave behind.” Today, Vance is sober and encouraging others to get clean. He speaks nationwide, detailing his long struggle with mental health and addiction. Vance recounts his struggles, but also provides hope by describing how he was finally able to sober up. Oglethorpe Inc is extremely excited to welcome him to the company as our Recovery Ambassador. He will travel to all our facilities, offering support where possible and inspiration where needed.

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